Jacqueline Yu has extensive experience helping clients create an array of comprehensive, personalized wealth and estate plans, no matter the circumstance.

    Practice Area Highlight:

    • International estate planning, including planning for foreign persons who have U.S. situs assets and planning for families with mixed citizenship and residency status and/or ownership of assets in multiple jurisdictions.
    • Planning for LGBTQ couples, blended families, and other non-traditional families.

    Jacqueline Yu will help you and your partners craft a plan that effectively protects your business now and ensures an orderly transition in the future.

    Practice Area Highlight:

    • Implemented transfer of minority interests in a family-owned limited liability company valued at $40 million using strategies to minimize tax consequences.
    • Designed a trust to help a business executive transfer $10 million in shares of his company to children, without incurring estate or gift taxes.

    Administering an estate is a complicated, time-intensive process. There are many pitfalls to avoid. Jacqueline helps clients navigate estate administration—with a focus on efficiency, clarity, and legal protection.

    Practice Area Highlight:

    • Ms. Yu has unique experience advising trustees and personal representatives with complex international estates.
    • Ms. Yu emphasizes the minimization of risk and conflict between trustees, beneficiaries, and grantors.

    Jacqueline D. Yu provides Southern California-based estate planning services with an international focus.

    Some regions in which we have worked:

    • Singapore
    • Philippines
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada
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Business Succession Planning

You invested time, energy, and money into building a successful company. Jacqueline Yu will help you put a business succession plan in place to protect its future.

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Business succession planning is about ensuring that your company is in the best position to thrive, no matter what might happen tomorrow.

A well-crafted succession plan should identify future leaders and give them the tools and resources that they need to transition. All business succession plans should be crafted to meet the specific needs of the business or organization.

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With extensive experience working with entrepreneurs and closely-held business owners, Jacqueline Yu will help you determine your strategic position, prioritize your long-term objectives, and develop a business succession plan that actually works. Typically, a business succession plan will include the following.

Business Succession Plan Features

  • A comprehensive valuation of the business or organization;
  • Identification of the employees, family members, or outside individuals who can own or manage the business in the future;
  • A process for providing information and training to ensure that future decision-makers have the tools they need to succeed;
  • A method for funding/financing the selected business succession strategy; and
  • Clear procedures to execute the business succession plan when the right time comes.
Practice area highlights
  • Implementing transfers of minority interests in family-owned businesses to minimize estate tax and gift tax consequences, through intra-family gifts, sales and loans.
  • Designing dynasty trusts or generation-skipping transfer trusts to hold a business executive’s company shares for the benefit of children and successive generations.
  • Drafting buy and sell agreements to ensure a smooth transition of ownership in a business in the event of an owner’s death or departure.